Bleeding After Dental Implants: What’s Normal? And What Isn’t?

Modern dental implants from Cornerstone Dentistry are minimally-invasive, especially compared to other dental surgeries like tooth extractions. But they still involve opening up your gum and jaw tissue. And that means you’ll definitely have some bleeding after your procedure as your mouth heals.

But what’s normal and should be expected? And what may be a sign of an implant complication? In this blog, we’ll explain what you should expect after you get a dental implant in Covington from Dr. Keleigh Lascari.

Your Mouth Will Bleed 0-24 Hours After Your Surgery

Immediately after your surgery, your implant site will be bleeding. Dr. Lascari will place a gauze pack in your mouth, which you’ll bite down on. This helps the blood clot form in your mouth. You may need to switch out your gauze pack about every hour until blood flow slows down and stops.

Make sure to follow Dr. Lascari’s instructions after your surgery. Avoid straws, eat liquid foods, and avoid rinsing the area until the blood clot is fully formed. This will help minimize bleeding. 

Slight Bleeding Or Pink Saliva Is Common 24-48 Hours After Your Surgery

Usually, any major bleeding will stop after about 24-48 hours. During this time, you may notice a little bit of blood around the implant site, or your saliva may be a little bit pink. This is normal, and nothing to be concerned about.

Bleeding Should Stop After About 3 Days After Your Surgery

After it’s been about 3 days, your mouth should no longer be bleeding, and you should also be experiencing much less pain and discomfort. If you’re still bleeding heavily, you should contact Dr. Lascari for a follow-up at Cornerstone Dentistry to make sure your mouth is healing properly.

How Do I Minimize Bleeding After My Surgery? Our Top Tips

Dr. Lascari will give you a full set of instructions to follow after your surgery. You’ll want to follow these to the letter. Here are a few of the things you’ll be asked to do in order to minimize the risk of bleeding and oral infections:

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