Can Dental Bonding Fix Black Triangles?

Many adults have gaps between the two front teeth that lead to the appearance of a black triangle. While some people may not think much about this detail, others are exploring dental cosmetic options to close the gap and get a new and improved smile.

Black triangles in teeth can be caused by bone loss and gum recession, teeth movement, or can be a natural occurrence that simply forms as a person’s permanent teeth grow. Those gaps can make it easier for food and bacteria to accumulate between the teeth, increasing the odds of cavities and gum disease.

If you’re thinking about ways to close this black triangle, there are a few options at your disposal. And, by far, the most common one is dental bonding in Covington.

How Dental Bonding Works

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the dentist to reshape a tooth and restore its appearance. The process involves applying a special dental raisin to the natural tooth, hardening it, and then shaping the bonding material. The material itself will perfectly blend in with the natural tooth, offering the patient a discreet way to change their smile.

Dental bonding is often used to address black triangles as well. The dentist will apply the composite to the teeth in order to close the gap and effectively remove the existence of this black triangle altogether.

While dental bonding is strong, it can suffer damage, so patients need to maintain good oral hygiene habits to ensure their oral health needs are met. If the bonding material is stained, chipped, or cracked, you can get a replacement, as dental bonding does not affect the natural tooth in any way.

What Other Options Are There for Black Triangles?

While dental bonding is a common solution to address black triangles, it is not the only one. For example, many patients who deal with black triangles in addition to other dental cosmetic issues such as severe staining or chips will opt for veneers.

Veneers are thin dental prosthetics that get attached to the teeth’s natural surface, effectively upgrading a person’s smile in just one appointment.

But to know whether you need dental bonding, veneers, or another form of dental procedure, it’s necessary to consult with a specialist. During a consultation, your dentist will closely inspect your oral health to determine the best course of action to restore your smile’s health and appearance.

Dealing with Black Triangles? Cornerstone Dentistry Can Help

If you have a black triangle forming between your teeth and want to get it removed, Dr. Keleigh Lascari is here to help with professional cosmetic dental procedures designed for your convenience.

To get started, please book an appointment at Cornerstone Dentistry online.

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