How Do I Prepare To Be Sedated? Everything You Need To Know

At Cornerstone Dentistry, we offer both laughing gas sedation and oral conscious sedation. Wondering what to expect from these types of dental sedation, and what you need to do to prepare for your appointment? Get all the details below, and make sure you know what to expect from dental sedation in Covington

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas uses a nose mask to provide a stream of nitrous oxide, which makes you feel happy and less anxious, and also inhibits any feelings of pain or discomfort. Here’s what you need to know about preparing for sedation. 

  1. Preparation – You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for laughing gas sedation. However, we recommend that you avoid eating for 1-2 hours before your appointment. This makes it less likely that you’ll feel nauseated after your treatment.

  2. Sedation process – To begin the sedation process, Dr. Lascari will simply place a comfortable mask over your nose, and you’ll breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which will take effect immediately. 
  1. Aftercare – When your procedure is over, the mask will be adjusted to send pure oxygen into your nose, and you’ll breathe through your nose for a few minutes to flush the nitrous oxide out of your system. Then, you’ll be sent home. Laughing gas has minimal side effects and wears off fast, so you can drive yourself home or even go back to work. 

Oral Conscious Sedation

With oral conscious sedation, you’ll take a few pills that will help you relax. You’ll feel very sleepy, groggy, and confused, and may forget most of what happens during your procedure. This is a deeper level of sedation, and requires more preparation and aftercare compared to nitrous oxide. 

  1. Preparation – Unless otherwise directed by Dr. Lascari, you will need to fast (avoid eating and drinking) for 6 hours before your procedure. You’ll usually take one pill the night before your appointment, and another pill about 1 hour before your appointment. Note that you cannot drive yourself to our office or drive yourself home after your appointment. You will need to bring an escort to take care of you, so plan accordingly.

  2. Sedation process – Once you’ve taken your second pill, you will start to feel very sleepy and relaxed. You will still be conscious and can respond to commands, but you may forget what happens during your procedure.

  3. Aftercare – After your procedure, you’ll still feel very groggy. You may experience side effects like nausea, confusion, dizziness, headaches, and dry mouth. You should not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 24 hours. Your escort will need to take you home. You should not go back to work, and should consider taking the following day off, as well.

Interested In Sedation Dentistry? Come To Cornerstone Dentistry Today! 

If you’d like more information about sedation dentistry or want to find out if you’re a good candidate for treatment, Dr. Lascari is here to help. As an expert sedation dentist in Covington, she can help you choose the right treatment for your own unique situation. Contact us online or call at (985) 869-8020 to get the help you need.

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