Is a Chipped Tooth a Dental Emergency?

You are watching a movie and enjoying some popcorn when all of a sudden, you felt a crack. You check your mouth and see that one of your teeth is chipped. 

Should you rush to the hospital for immediate care, or can you wait until a regular appointment? 

A chipped tooth can be painful and scary, but it isn't always a dental emergency

Keep reading to find out more. 

What Happens When You Chip a Tooth

The symptoms you will experience after you chip a tooth depend on the extent and severity of the damage. In more severe cases, you may feel intense pain, followed by sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures and irritation of the gums or tongue. However, it's very possible to have no symptoms at all and only discover the chip when brushing your teeth or during a routine dental exam.

If a chip is causing pain or discomfort, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. However, if the chip is not causing any symptoms, it may not be considered a dental emergency.

How to Tell If a Chipped Tooth Is a Dental Emergency 

The extent of the chip can help you determine whether you need urgent care. A small chip on the edge of a tooth may not require immediate attention, but a larger chip or a chip that has caused the tooth to fracture may be considered a dental emergency.

A chip that affects the tooth's structure and function can create long-term oral health problems. In this case, it's paramount to get in touch with Cornerstone Dentistry right away, tell us about your problem, and we will be able to schedule an immediate same-day appointment. 

How Can I Treat a Chipped Tooth? 

Dr. Keleigh Lascari will recommend one of several treatment options, depending on your case and the extent of the damage. 

Did You Chip a Tooth? Call Us Right Now! 

If you chipped a tooth and are in pain, you should get in touch with a Covington dentist at Cornerstone Dentistry immediately. We offer emergency dentistry services and can schedule you for a same-day appointment so that you can get the treatment you need as soon as possible. 

Call us at (985) 869-8020 for any emergencies or schedule a regular appointment online

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