Why You Should Deal With A Dental Emergency Quickly

Some dental issues cannot wait for a regular appointment. Whether you’ve been in an accident and suffered a dental injury, or are experiencing extreme pain and discomfort, Cornerstone Dentistry’s emergency dental appointment can provide you swift access to dental care when you need it most.

Many people might avoid seeing the dentist right away for several reasons:

However, here are 5 compelling reasons why you should always deal with a dental emergency quickly:

1. Know What You’re Actually Dealing with

Only the dentist can assess the true extent of the damage or what’s going on with your teeth. You might think you’re fine or that the issue is not that serious, but if you are experiencing:

It’s best to contact a dentist right away.

2. Prevent Additional Damage

Unfortunately with dental emergencies, the more you wait the more you increase your risk of additional damage. For instance, if you crack or fracture your tooth but don’t know it, you can make matters worse by just eating a meal and applying pressure to that tooth.

If the crack was not serious in the beginning, that extra pressure could potentially make matters a lot worse. 

3. Decrease the Risk of Tooth Loss

Because you don’t know what you’re dealing with, you might also not be aware of the real risk of losing a tooth. Fractures, infections, knocked out teeth - they are all conditions that put you at serious risk of permanent tooth loss.

If you act swiftly, you are essentially giving yourself more chances of reducing this risk and potentially keeping your tooth. Even a knocked-out tooth can be reimplanted if you see a dentist right away

4. Avoid Pain and Discomfort

The level of pain you may feel during a dental emergency can’t always be managed with over-the-counter medication. The only way to reduce all this discomfort is to have a dentist treat you.

Even if you will need multiple appointments to fix the damage, just one first appointment can be enough to seriously reduce or even remove the pain you are experiencing.

5. Get Peace of Mind

It can be scary to power through a dental emergency and not know what you’re dealing with. Apart from physical pain, seeing a dentist can also remove much of the anxiety and fear this situation often causes, as you can get answers and expert support.

Experiencing a Dental Emergency? Cornerstone Dentistry Can Help

If you are dealing with a dental emergency, call Cornerstone Dentistry right away at (985) 869-8020 for an emergency appointment.

For a regular visit, feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Keleigh Lascari on this page.

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