Teeth Whitening In Covington, LA

Restore Stained & Yellowed Teeth

Teeth Whitening

Yellow, dark, or stained teeth don’t have to make you feel self-conscious about your smile in Covington. At Cornerstone Dentistry, Dr. Keleigh Lascari offers convenient and affordable take-home whitening, allowing you to get professional-grade results in the comfort of your own home. Learn more below, or contact us now to schedule a consultation today.

teeth whitening in Covington, LA

What to expect

The Take-Home Teeth Whitening Process

At our office, Dr. Keleigh Lascari specializes in custom, take-home teeth whitening, which lets you treat yourself in the comfort of your own home, even if you have a busy schedule. If you are a candidate for teeth whitening, you’ll come into Cornerstone Dentistry for an in-office visit and then you’ll follow Dr. Lascari’s instructions and whiten your teeth at home on your own schedule.  It’s just that simple, and you’ll be able to get professional-grade results from the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits

Of Teeth Whitening

The most important benefit of teeth whitening is that it makes you feel better about your appearance. Stained and yellow teeth may make you feel bad about how you look, but with teeth whitening, you can feel proud of your smile once again.

Yellow or stained teeth may make you look older than you really are, so teeth whitening also rejuvenates your appearance and makes you look younger.

Not only that, but teeth whitening is also very affordable and it’s totally non-invasive. If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry in Covington but you’re not ready to commit to a treatment like veneers, teeth whitening is a fantastic way to improve your smile.

Take-home whitening, in particular, has another benefit. Because you treat yourself gradually over the period of a few weeks, your treatment will be more subtle, and it will be less obvious that you have had your teeth whitened. 

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