How Long After Botox Can I Get Dental Work?

Botox has become very popular among those who are looking for ways to enhance the aesthetic of their skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Botox can also be used in dentistry to treat some cosmetic issues like a gummy smile, for example.  

However, one of the effects of Botox is preventing the muscles from contracting. In this case, for how long should you wait until you can get dental work after getting Botox injections? 

Here's what you need to know. 

How Does Botox Work?

When Botox is injected into the skin, it prevents the muscles from moving. It blocks certain chemical signals from reaching the nerves, especially the ones that cause muscle movement. This is used to relax the facial muscles that are more prone to developing wrinkles. 

Botox has a temporary effect, lasting up to 4 months. If you want to continue having smoother skin, you will have to get new Botox injections. 

There are other situations where Botox can be used, such as:

As mentioned, Botox can be used in dentistry to treat different conditions.  

Botox injections are usually safe, but make sure they are done by an experienced doctor. Don't forget to also talk about the possible side effects.

Dental Work After Getting Botox

You can get dental work both before and after getting Botox, but it's important to keep a few details in mind to ensure good results for both your dental treatment and the Botox treatment. 

It takes a couple of weeks for the Botox to reach its full effect, so scheduling your dentist appointment approximately two weeks before or after the Botox injection will ensure the effects of the Botox will not be delayed. 

This precaution also allows the possible wounds that can happen after Botox injections to heal. This way, not only will the wounds heal but you also minimize the spread of bacteria. 

If you are getting Botox injections to treat a gummy smile, then they will be done by a cosmetic dentist. This brings added value to the treatment as the dentist has an in-depth understanding of the face's anatomy and structure. Even if you are using Botox to correct fine lines, a cosmetic dentist is very familiar with the symmetry of the face, understands facial nerves, and is more familiar with these types of treatments.

So, you can check with them for the best time to schedule your dental treatment after Botox injections. 


Botox and dental work do not exclude each other, but it's important to be mindful of when these two are done and how much time there needs to be in between to avoid complications and undesired results. 

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