Will I Be Able To Drive After Sedation Dentistry?

In some cases, patients may need to be sedated to receive dental care. Whether this is because the procedure itself is long and complex or the patient suffers from dental anxiety or certain disabilities, sedation dentistry in Covington can be essential in helping someone get a healthy and happy smile.

One of the most common questions people have about sedation is “is it safe?” immediately followed by “can I drive home afterward?”

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Driving Home After Sedation Dentistry: It Depends on the Sedation Used

Sedation dentistry is actually a bit of an umbrella term, as there are multiple types of sedation available. Depending on which one you need to receive, you may need to make some arrangements for someone to drive you home after the procedure.

Here’s a short overview of the types of sedation available at the dentist:

Sedation Is Nothing to Worry About

Sedation dentistry is perfectly safe when administered by trained professionals in a controlled setting. The Covington dentists at Cornerstone Dentistry offers several sedation options to help our patients feel calm and relaxed while we work on improving their smiles.

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